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For the last 8 years I have been a storytelling artist, but it was through my healing journey that I found new inspiration and a deeper, more honest way of capturing your story. When it comes to telling your story I want it to come from a place of authenticity and a love and understanding for the most intimate moments. As a mother of four I have learned how much I personally have changed and evolved, as well as my children's growth at an exponential rate. Which is why it's so important to me when capturing you with your family that we tell the real story of your love for one another. Let's capture their little mannerisms, details, and the moments that make them belly laugh.  As far as my growth and evolution as a woman and mother, that is where the inspiration comes from with The Art of Healing. It has been a long journey to find myself through healing and even though I continue on that journey of rediscovery, I am here to tell you that having the audacity to hope can change everything.

The audacity to hope resonates deep within my soul.

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My job as a body positive, intimate, empowerment photographer is to show you that you are perfect with the scars you bear. I too, carry scars. I know well what it is to feel abandoned and alone. And I know what it is to not feel worthy of loving yourself, or being loved by someone else. Why am I telling you this? Because it is the path that prepared me to become the storytelling, empowerment photographer I am today. I know your hesitation to love your body, your mind, and your soul because I've been there. But today, I am here to tell you that you are seen. I am here to show you how powerful you are when you let go of your insecurities and become completely honest with who you are...scars and all.





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I am married to Gregory my incredible husband of 10 years. He is the calm to my chaos, and he keeps me grounded. We have four beautiful children, Emma, Jonah, Leo, and Amelia who are earth-side and bring joy and light to our lives every single day. We also have a son Ezekiel who is no longer with us, but will forever remain a beautiful part of us. 

For me, becoming a mother gave me purpose, and a reason to become the best version of myself. Motherhood is where I found myself, but also where I learned the art of losing myself in order to discover and celebrate the version of me that embodies the gift of the present.

Through it all, and come what may, my family is and always will be the reason I refuse to give up on myself and my greatest inspiration on this beautiful 

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To some it might have seemed like just a bit of paperwork. But for me, it was the beginning of a beautiful journey.

That session opened my eyes to the incredibly empowering and healing role that photography can play in the lives of  those who are searching for ways to honor the scars they wear.

What an incredible honor it was to create a warm, inviting, and safe space where I could work with clients to photograph some of their sweetest moments. 

I have the privilege of growing with each new session I book, and I am deeply moved by the raw and beautiful memories this job allows me to capture.